Creating a serverless application from start to finish

Jan 29th 2019 by Omar Reyes

Creating a serverless application from start to finish.

If you have live or visited Arizona during the summer you know that scorpion are living around you. I have personally never encountered scorpions in the 10+ years of living here. I recently purchased my first home; everything seemed perfect until the day I moved in.

While moving my personal belongings into my first home I encountered a scorpion in the living room 🦂. The next day I found another on the backyard. The next day one besides my dog's bed. My first home is infested by scorpions 😮!

Now I will admit I am weird. Any normal person would run the other direction or kill it with fire 🔥! Not me. I immediately grabbed my phone to take a picture and document my first scorpion encounter.

I figured it would be a fun project to create a serverless web application that would make documenting my scorpion encounters easier to share with friends and family. Now let's create it together!

Main objectives

The following are our main objectives:

  • Allow users to register and login
  • Post a scorpion encounter with pictures and a description
  • Invite friends to follow and get notified when we post our scorpion encounters
  • Allow friends to comment on our scorpion encounter
  • Share our scorpion encounters on social media

Technology Stack

We will be using the following technology stack:

  • Backend

    • API Gateway
    • AWS Lambda
    • AWS Cognito
    • AWS S3
    • GraphQL
    • PostgreSQL database
  • Front-end

    • React
    • AWS Amplify

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